Tuesday, May 17, 2011

it fits!

i left that fabulous gown with the seamstress yesterday.  i tried it on for the first time since friday after thanksgiving and have to say i am a bit relieved.  i'm not sure it would've fit so well at some points between then and now, but it does and i'm happy. 

i am so excited.  i am getting married next month.  i'm getting to live happily ever after with the most fabulous man i could ever hope for or imagine, and there are no better, more wonderful gals i'd want standing up there with me.  they've been cheering me on since, oh--well, since before i ever knew what "good guy" was and i cannot be more ecstatic.  

went on a walk with my MoH this evening and we did the whole bridge (go KJ!).  5.2 miles in 1 hour and 25 minutes.  WOOT.  i ran the last mile in 7 minutes.  i've been trying some speed lately, and it's been a bit of a success.  rob and i scoped out a YMCA in idaho falls and i ran a 5K on the tread mill in 26:06.  y'all-i have not done that since college.  i'm wondering if there's something wrong with the speedometer or the timer...  

i'm rambling.  i'm exhausted and i'm excited and i'm getting giddy.  i just put in my food/drink for today and have 338 calories left!  well, wait, i just remembered the damn coke i had for lunch.  *ack* ok, 98 calories left.  y'all need to check out lance armstrong's livestrong website.  i literally think about EVERY single thing i put in my pie hole and want to avoid lance's imaginary furrowed brow and disappointed face... today when i got turkey instead of chicken salad at subway, i decided to go for the combo and got a coke.  in my head i told lance he could take his frown and get over it.  i shoved him to the back of my mind and now i wish i hadn't.  it's like a drug:  i want it so so badly then when i have it, it just makes me disappointed and i wish i hadn't.  and now my calorie/fitness counter would say 338 not 98.  *hmph*  my own fault...

and i've GOT to get rid of the arm flab.  any suggestions?!