Sunday, April 3, 2011

"get over it!"

that's just what we did.  over The Bridge, that is, for the 34th annual Cooper River Bridge Run 10K. 


 it's such a good race and the weather was absolutely perfect yesterday morning.  three of the six miles are over the bridge-the 2nd through 4th.  part of the first and the entire the second mile are uphill. way, way uphill.  it's the quietest mile ever, all breathing and foot pounding.  this year there were bands, though, so it seemed to go a little faster and it was a bit more fun.  something about live music that can get your feet wanting to move faster and your step get a little peppier.  works every time.  

we ran it bandit, something i always said i'd never do.  i have strong feelings about this, but when all that was left were $150 charity bibs, we decided to break the rules.  i have no problem handing over cash to a charity, but i've not exactly got 150 bones lying around...  so we'll give the original entrance fee to the charity in question and call it a day.  we knew this might be our last Bridge Run (well, as residents anyway.  maybe we'll make a yearly trek from chilly idaho.  who knows?) so we bit the bullet.  
this is the start line.  LOOK at all those people.  all 40,000 of them (+ 2:  rob and katie).  

and, of course, this would be the year the powers that be decided to finally--after 33 races--check for bibs.  thankfully it was chilly and jackets were in order.  this made our blatant lack of a number a bit less obvious.  i almost chickened out, but rob said, "let's do it. go!" and we snuck in literally behind their backs.  i'm living on the edge over here!    

so, i have no idea what my time was.  i didn't wear a watch, for reasons i still don't understand, and i made rob go ahead of me.  he finished in 54 minutes (not too bad for a fella who hasn't run since september) and i crossed the finish line at 1:12:30-the gun time-but have no idea how long i was in the starting corral before my wave crossed the start line...  so i'm going to go with an hour.  that sounds good...  not as good as i'd like it to sound, but lance armstrong says i burned 1, 248 calories so i'll take it.  awesome.  good thing i consumed that  at The Wreck for dinner yesterday evening.  back to The Bridge tomorrow, then.  

p.s.  i wore my black capris on friday because THEY FIT!  for the first time in about a month.  yee ha!

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