Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...and running and running

yay!  i went again today.  treadmill style, because the pollen is OUT of control.  i was inside and i'm still sneezey mcGee.  oh well.

3.3 miles in 30 minutes.  the first 10 minutes i did this wacky program on the treadmill called "9 holes" that i thought sounded interesting.  maybe nine different levels or hills or speeds or something.  

turns out it went from flat to incline then a little bit more inclined.  and a bit more inclined...  and then, yes, some more.  from 1 to 5 over about a minute and a half-wow!  and i tried, tried, tried to keep going at the same speed the whole time.  wowzuhs!  it was the fastest ten minutes ever, because i was trying to figure out what was coming next and kept-for once-challenging myself and suceeding.  woot!  

anyway, then the machine stopped and i was disappointed.  didn't want to stop!  yee ha!  so i went for 20 more minutes and a bit over 2 more miles.  

are my extra ell bee's disappearing yet?!  i don't think so, but i need to keep remembering you can't make it to the top in one day (it takes four and a half).  *sigh*

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