Sunday, March 27, 2011

"do you have a license for those guns?"

... is what i'm expecting them to say when i show up with my strong (but feminine) arms in a few weeks.  all muscle, sans bat wings.  i'd like to thank martha stewart weddings magazine for that phrase.  "bat wings."  that's a hoot.  it'd be funnier if i didn't have them.  goodness, since i stopped waiting tables--and consequently stopped lugging around trays with upwards of 10 full water glasses or 12 loaded dinner plates--the flab has set in.  with a vengeance.  in the teaching world we call it "chalkboard arm" and it makes me hate writing on the board.  oh well.  all i can do is what that article tells me and bid them adieu.  fly, fly away miserable bat wings.  momma's got a summer dress to get into and doesn't need y'all flapping about.  see ya!

and then there's the business of the belly.  bid that thing adieu, too.  does anyone read real simple?  it's such a fantastic, realistic publication.  each month they put in two "15 minutes and you're done" things that you can do in 15 minutes.  one is a cleaning routine (your car, your front porch, your refrigerator, etc.) and the other is a 15-minute workout.  i mentioned the inner thigh workout (hello bikini on an island honeymoon!) a bit ago--yeah, i haven't quite gotten there yet--and have found another:  the ab/core workout.  it's AWESOME.  i did it last saturday, the same day i bought the magazine and it was good.  i will do it again tomorrow morning.  and three more times this week.  will someone please ask me on friday how many times i got to the RS ab workout this week?  do not settle for any less than three. please. 

also this week:  TWO runs!  woo hoooo!  i went 3.7 miles in 31  minutes.  the last two miles took 16 minutes!  i was so excited.  see, my friend amanda ran her first marathon ever last sunday.  she ran it in 4 hours and 37 minutes.  26 minutes faster than mine.  she inspired me to get back on the speed train, not just the distance train.  i'm losing my touch, people!  if i can run faster, i'll run farther.  (further?  farther?  not one i'm ever sure about...)  and today i went to the gym and visited my friendly treadmill, thanks to severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches.  i punched in 45 minutes and went 4.7 miles.  i did four in 36:03.  then walked most of the rest.  i'm at 9 minutes/mile.  once upon a time i ran an 8 minute mile.  i just want to get there again.  this getting older, and therefore slower,business is for the birds.

anyway, all this to say, "will someone ask me how many miles i ran this week?"  then ask me if my H+M skirt fits yet.  please.  

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