Thursday, March 10, 2011

hi lovely ladies!

i said waaaaay on back in november (i was only engaged a month!) that i was going to start a blog to get myself motivated to make sure i still fit in that fabulously white and once-in-a-lifetime dress gown.  i'll never again get to wear a gown.  so i'll call it a gown...  ;)

anyway, i don't want anyone to take this the wrong way or think i'm sayin' anything i shouldn't, but i wanted to share these musings and updates with y'all because one or more of the women closest to me have said at one time or another since i proposed bridesmaid-hood that she "needs to just work out so i can fit in my dress!"

that said, i'm keeping track of what i'm doing to fit in my dress.  every single one of you are perfect and do not need to do a thing.  y'all are fitting quite nicely in your lovely cornflower blue frocks.  i write in case any one of you wants to race, challenge or motivate each other.  i need all of those things...  let's do it.  

we have three months and nine days.  i'm a bit annoyed at myself for letting three months go by before finally getting around to doing this, and i won't lie-i've probably gone running four times since thanksgiving, but i can start now, right?  

i really just need to be held accountable for doing something active and if i think anyone is reading this and will possibly ask me what i've done to lose my thighs, i might be more apt to get my arse over the bridge or around the neighborhood, just me and my asics & ipod.  

and so it begins.  c'mon ladies.  

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