Monday, March 21, 2011

st. patty's week (and the first week of Lent...)

hey gals!

among other things for Lent, one of my doings is "exercising four times a week."

it's selfish in a way, but also, i'm trying to take care of what i was given.  i've not been so good at that lately.  i've quite forgotten about it, actually...

on wednesday i went on a 40 minute run.  it turned out to be an extension of my intended run.  i was house sitting in a very run-friendly neighborhood and was going to do a quick map-my-run two to three miler around the block. i started feeling ambitious, though, and thought i'd go outside the 'hood and down the "trail."  i'd go "allllll the way to bowman road."  i thought it'd be about 40 minutes, so it'd be at least 4 miles.  turns out i don't run a 10 minute mile.

turns out allllll the way to bowman was only all the way.  only 3.6 of what i thought to be 4 miles.  *hmph*
anyway, it was longer than i intended and that counts for something, right?

and on thursday i ran the Catch the Leprechaun 5K.  SO fun! great course, great company and free corned beef sandwiches and beer afterward (also hotdogs, which i had instead of corned beef because i realized there were sandwiches too late).  so fun!  i ran a 30 minute 5K (there's my 10 minute mile) and realized i need to PICK IT UP A BIT but still had fun.  i'm finally registering for the cooper river bridge 10K tomorrow.  i love this race, and it will be my fourth annual--such a good time.  it's the quietest race i've ever run.

it's a big rally and ruckus, all the way to about the 2-mile mark.  that's when the 1-mile uphill begins.  then it's silence, save for the in-and-out lung-filling breaths you hear all the way to the top of the bridge, half way between the diamonds, towards the downhill to flatness. the flat, level playing field of Meeting to King to Wentworth to bagels & powerade & oranges at Marion Square.  i also love that this race ends at the bicycle shop.  kind of a fun twist...

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